Since 1993 name is HUSTUSA!!!

That's NOT my given's the acronym for a web-presence that I created called...HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

I've been in construction all my life and in 2008, my life was severely changed by our badly OUT-OF-CONTROL city, county, state and federal governments!!! I became licensed as a general contractor in California in 1985...I lived in the same town, until being forced to give up my home in May of 2009!!! I never imagined...even for one little second, that the government could take so much away from so many of it's citizens...
BUT THEY HAVE DONE JUST THAT...TO MILLIONS!!! goals have been forced to main concern has become to gather the masses together... not so much physically, but together "on the same page"..."heading towards the same goals"!!! We get there by revealing the FACTS and by crushing the ignorance in our society...OUT COMPLETELY!!!


HelpUsSaveTheUSA...MAIN BLOG!!!

This link connects you to the MAIN BLOG AREA of HelpUsSaveTheUSA...our main goal is to provide the internet with facts that matter...facts, that can be shared instantly to be used in the battle against the many LIARS in high government, media and business!!! Our philosophy is based on what Andrew Breitbart was murdered for..."that WE ALL are the journalists now"...that "we must be vicious against the people who seek to destroy, everything that we hold dear"!!!

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HUSTUSA...for governor of California!!!

This section is all about HUSTUSA's running for governor of California...(THERE IS NO CONTENT AT THIS TIME...because Facebook has once again silenced my, promoting either my political aspirations for the governors' mansion...or informing millions of the MURDER of Robert Lavoy Finicum... seems to be...IN YOUR HANDS NOW!!!)

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And since I mentioned FASCISTBOOK...
their quack doctors, attempted to alter my thoughts and FREE SPEECH AGAIN...but once again...HUSTUSA was protected by his (what looks like a) stocking cap!!!

Next Steps Towards STANDING UNITED!!!

Would you like to HelpUsSaveTheUSA???