311 days BLOCKED by FASCISTBOOK in 1 year!!!

I have been BLOCKED again by FASCISTBOOK!!!

The latest block came for a comment I made, on a post regarding the use of the word nigger. When I commented, I attempted to protect myself from the possibility of being blocked, by using “NI**ER”, instead of the more politically correct N-word!!! NI**ER, still got me blocked…which tells me they will find something, some way and somehow to BLOCK you!!! This latest block, brings my total for the past year…to 311 days BLOCKED!!!

We the People, MUST stand united against such biased stupidity!!! ZuckerFucker, FASCISTBOOK and other left-leaning tools…MUST BE DESTROYED or FORCED to abide by the Constitution, regarding our rights!!!

PLEASE NOTE…I have been slow in posting updates here on HelpUsSaveTheUSA, because of limited internet time available…that is about to change soon…so expect to see more of the TRUTH posted right here!!!


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