This is NOT THE ENTIRE COLLECTION…they are just special ones!!!

Recorded on 1/5/17 (w/updates ADDED at posting)…
HUSTUSA, basically sums things up here!!!

SNOWFLAKES…at Darrell Issas’ office in Vista, CA in February 2017!!!

ROBERT LAVOY FINICUM Born 1/27/61…MURDERED 1/26/16!!! This is my tribute to Robert Lavoy Finicum, who was MURDERED by our corrupt and out-of-control government!!! His MURDER occurred just days before the Super Bowl…this wiped his story away from the biased news media!!! PLEASE HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

IMPEACH OBAMA-TERRORIST airplane-banner, flies over the Veteran’s Day Parade in San Diego!!! Get your voice heard out there somehow, or PLEASE donate to those who do!!! WAKE UP…STAND UP…DO SOMETHING

When zombies drive…Hillary for PRISON!!! People are lazy, stupid and complacent…WAKE UP!!! The entire Obama experience has been a DISASTER!!! The Tea Parties WARNED YOU…and the media CONTROLS YOU!!! PLEASE get your head out of your ass, get the FACTS, Google HUSTUSA and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

While living on the street… you are afforded the opportunity to meet many new and sometimes talented people!!! Joonbug, is the latest that attracted my attention, by revealing his talents as just another homeless veteran!!! Joonbug, is reaching out with love, to share a smile or joyous moment to anyone who will listen!!! Let your talents be shared…GET OTHERS TO LISTEN!!! PLEASE Google HUSTUSA!!!

A REDO…of the best parts of my classic July 4th, 2009 very first on-stage political speech…it’s been 6 years and VERY LITTLE HAS CHANGED!!! Obama has LIED a bunch more…and my phone STILL DOESN’T RING!!! One noticeable CHANGE…there are MILLIONS more ILLEGALS here now…AND MANY ARE TERRORISTS!!! I’ve been working this thing very hard and unfortunately, it seems like many Americans have given up…thinking it’s already a “lost cause”!!! SO…please help make this video go viral…I’m ready to lead the country to DC and SHUT IT DOWN!!! Let’s ARREST the underlings and repeal the garbage they have been producing!!! I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE…PLEASE HELP!!! HUSTUSA



“Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin”…THE TIME HAS COME!!! PLEASE Google HUSTUSA and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!! MARCH ON WASHINGTON, D.C., April 11-16, 2015!!!

My tribute to Andrew Breitbart and David Alexander!!!
PLEASE Google HUSTUSA and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

HUSTUSA, is encircled by about 10 Park Rangers…some with tasers drawn…FOR HANDING OUT “I didn’t vote for this Obamanation” buttons, at Mt. Rushmore without a permit!!!

La Jolla, CA, May 8, 2014…Obama arrives to collect his “protection money” from an area wacko!!!

Something for you Scrabble players!!!
A tangled web he’s weaved…but we are NOT deceived…ARREST OBAMA NOW!!!

It’s time we…MARCH LIKE AN EGYPTIAN… (1 minute preview)

CHP, tries to use their INTIMIDATION TACTICS to prevent me from expressing my freedom of speech with my sign that reads…”I didn’t vote for this Obamanation”!!! The point is…we have the right to protest our government or an unjust law…or in this case, a misapplication of a law!!! UPDATED: ON 7/23/13 after CHP called to threaten me with a citation!!! PLEASE Google HUSTUSA and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

Okay folks…no more sugar-coated PC BS from me…this one might hit a little hard, but it’s the way things really are out there!!! This is our battle…STAND UP AND FIGHT ALONG-SIDE ME, DAMN IT!!!


HELP…I need some money!!! Sung to the Beatles…”HELP” Please Google HUSTUSA and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!! PLEASE donate here…

Now we all know why they chose to LIE…it was because they are all guilty of TREASON!!!

The only way to end partisan politics in Congress and within us all…is to divide Congress into thirds and end party rule!!! This proposal will get us all working together again and will force members in Congress to work together!!! Divide Congress into 3 equal parties called the Red, White and Blue parties…AND…YOU VOTE FOR ALL THREE!!!

Thanks to Harry and Clint, for doing their part to HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

Think that today’s youth have gone astray???
Not on this day at Chick-fil-A!!! This 20 year old just wanted to talk and…well, you wont believe your ears!!!

There’s Gremlins in the left wing…please tell me I’m not the only one who sees this!!!

Hello Patriots…the Carlsbad, CA group called “Stop Taxing Us”, put this event together just after the SCOTUS ruling on ObamaCare…pretty impressively sized group, on such short notice!!! That gives me real HOPE that things really will CHANGE!!! Seems like that SCOTUS ruling, might have been a little kick in the pants!!!

The DHS, has had all my privately owned websites shut down since August, 2016!!!
Please Google HUSTUSA and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

Hello Patriots…HUSTUSA has been busy and now has a video that kind of sums it all up!!!
Please share with your world and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!!

IT’S A SING-A-LONG…”I’m HUSTUSA”…sung to The Blues Brothers “I’m a Soul Man”!!!

Yet another czar appointed for no apparent reason…
This has been a HUSTUSA news alert!!! HUSTUSA (please Google it!)

Egypt revolution supporters downtown San Diego 2/11/11… seems peaceful enough…I even stun an Iranian STUDENT with my hat and sign! But listen to message in the chants in the second portion!!!

Twas just days before Christmas, when all through the land…hardly a person was working, by presidential command. The stores were so empty, making even more people pause, with hopes that the government, would play Santa Claus.

Hey B HO…wake up! America is calling and your answers aren’t good…as a matter of fact, Americans know you are a liar! A con man, who would rather play golf, than ease the pains of hard-working Americans…missing out on the American dream!!! Since we all know you’re a worthless con man by claiming your predecessors drove us into a ditch, we are telling you to get out of the car completely!!! No more flooring it, at our expense, with nothing but damaged lives in the wake…GET OUT NOW!!!! Resign immediately or be impeached…or better yet, arrested tried and hung for TREASON!!!

Here’s Newt Gingrich discussing politics and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and the economy and more…
all good, sensible stuff from this man and warships too! Please share with your Newt friendly friends and HelpUsSaveTheUSA!

HUSTUSA presents Andrew Breitbart’s encapsulated portion of his speech at the Beverly Hills Tea Party on 9/26/10…the main stream media left out the part where he bashes them and organized union protesters! Definitely worth hearing! Notice my “I didn’t vote this Obamanation” button he has in his hand the entire time…I handed it to him just before he went on stage and when he looked at it, he tapped on it and said…this is it, this says it all…ha! Please Google HUSTUSA

Although ten rangers had surrounded me just moments earlier…
I managed to convince them to let me shoot this video before I go. And then…I ran like crazy!

Mary arranged this handshake with Rep.Joe Wilson…he said he loved my sign and puts my button right on!

I’ve asked these same questions to much larger crowds with great response…this is about the smallest crowd I polled and still got wild screams of agreement! Moral of this story…it’s time to ride Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi out of congress on a rail!!!

Remember when Harry Reid said (into a microphone!) that he was glad the public has a new way to enter the capitol building, because you could smell them outside? Well, in my book, that stupid comment qualifies him as an idiot! There are a long list of idiots posing as our leaders, who need to apologize and start doing the work for We the People.

The TeaPartyExpress has started on its„’ 35 city, 7500 mile cross county tour! The TeaPartyExpress will hold 35 rallies and will arrive in Washington, D. C. on 9/12/09. Many are joining them along the way and you should consider joining us too. Our country desperately needs We The People to protect all Americans from our reckless government. You can Help Us Save The USA by visiting

HUSTUSA just completed a 10,500 mile RoadTrip across the USA, to see for himself what is happening in this country and to spread the phrase “I didn’t vote for this Obamanation”. HUSTUSA makes his first political speech at a 4th of July Tea Party in El Cajon, CA. See the crowd react to his biggest problem with government…Nancy Pelosi. HUSTUSA is the acronym for HelpUsSaveTheUSA and you should consider offering your support to help him to continue to spread this phrase across the USA!