The MEXICANS…about to hit the fan!!!

this morning, I was minding my own business, doing my usual internet thing, parked on the street next to city hall, connected to their wifi…when a Lexis parked kind of close to me up front…it was enough room for me to still get out of the space if needed…so I basically ignored it and went on internetting on my laptop that sits on my steering wheel and covers my view forward!!! Then, I heard a loud crash from behind the computer screen and I looked around to see a Mexican woman, with a stroller she had just popped open, between my grill and her trunk and she had hit my grill…she then lipped “sorry”…so I got out to check for damage and walked to the front and looked at my grill…she started of with saying…”your not actually worried about your piece-of-shit car are you?” Well…how much nicer of a greeting, can you think of…so I replied with “what did you just say?”…she then said, “you heard me and I should call the cops to arrest you for sleeping in your van, outside city hall…so I told her…”you’re obviously brainless gal, for parking so close knowing you had the stroller and 2 kids to put in it”…she then said…”and get a pointless ticket for parking in the red-zone?”…she had another 12 feet between her and the red-zone!!! She mentioned calling the cops again while she was telling some other Mexican on her phone, what had just occurred…so I said…”don’t bother, I’m calling them right now”!!! She left the scene!!! Two cops, one female, one male arrived and found her coming back to get the wallet she forgot to grab, before going to the street fair…you know, where you need money!!! So then the male cop came to talk with me…and after I told him everything, he said said she said she hadn’t even hit my car…that I was simply harassing her…so I said sarcastically, that must of been why I WAS THE INITIAL CALLER to the police!!! He asked me what I wanted from this…I said, even though my Chevy bow tie was now scratched and broken…I am not worried about the minor damage…JUST HER LOUSY ATTITUDE…he asked if I wanted him to talk to her about her attitude…I responded…”you’ve talk with her, you know what’s going on here, you guys know who I am…you decide”!!!
He said she wants to get her wallet, but she’s afraid to come near the car…I said, I going back into my car, with no reason to come out…and since she’s coming back, please ask her to pull forward 3 feet…she came back, got her wallet and left giving me looks that could toast a tortilla…and didn’t pull her car forward!!!
About an hour goes by and 2 male cops and a police dog show up claiming…she’s afraid to come near her car, said I was video taping and leaning on her car…I did video tape it while I was recording the broken grill, but never touched her car and was back to talking with a friend, at the back of my van, when they arrived!!! They got my details again and then went and talked with her…shortly, the Mexican and apparent daddy to those 2 babies, drives up and looks me over, as I’m video-taping him…he parked and came walking my way and said…”why are you video-taping me?”…I asked, “why are you worried?”…he said stupidly, “you can’t be video-taping me”…I said, “I can do what ever I want, pal”…he said, you shouldn’t be video-taping me and got in her car and drove it 100′ to where she was waiting with the police…he controlled his behavior and quickly…they were gone!!!
MORAL OF THE STORY…illegal aliens, aka Mexicans…HATE US AND GROW UP LEARNING TO BE A PROBLEM TO US…they’re feeling the heat and getting sweaty…or maybe that was just their METH ADDICTION showing!!! Oh and don’t forget those two babies…obviously on their way to become city council members or something important like that in their future!!!

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